A Koi pond well done has an amazing attraction for most people. The colors and size of these very active fish are a magnet for most people. Keeping Koi is a very popular hobby and it is possible that many more people could enjoy keeping these amazing fish. The ‘How To’ is often the stumbling block in getting started but it need not be if you are prepared to look carefully at all the factors that make it possible to set up a Koi Pond.

* Since Koi are a large fish they do need space. To really enjoy Koi you need a pond. Koi are not really suitable for any but the largest of aquariums. A 500 gallon aquarium would be the smallest size but Koi do much better with a larger volume water. A properly set up pond is your best choice.

* Koi need clean water. A proper filtration system is an absolute must. Koi themselves produce a lot of waste and this waste must be constantly removed. Do not have more Koi in your pond than your filtration system can handle. In designing your pond allow for plant life to create a natural environment. Do not just rely on your filtration system.

* While Koi are a cold water fish they do not like long harsh winters. A Koi’s immune system shuts down at around 50 F (10 C). During summer Koi will need shade either plant life within the pond or shade provided by the owner.

* If you have the space plan for fountains and waterfalls to assist your plant life oxygenate the water. Make the entire pond attractive. Ensure that pumps and filters are not just properly installed but where possible hidden and out of sight. Submersible pumps are not only hidden but they mask the noise produced by the pumps.

* Ensure that your pond is well constructed. The sides of the pond must not allow garden fertilizers, chemicals and storm water to enter the pond. Make the side walls steep enough to discourage land animals try their luck at fishing. Make the pond deep enough so that birds like Herons cannot walk in the pond. If you are designing the pond from scratch ensure that you provide fixtures to allow a net to be stretched across the pond should the need arise.

* Koi fish are omnivorous – they will eat anything. However feed your fish a healthy diet, a variety of meats and vegetables. Special pellets can be obtained from fish shops and pet shops if required, these usually float which bring the Koi to the surface. Do not leave uneaten food to rot in the bottom of the pond. Uneaten food must be removed. Also remember the more you feed Koi the more waste matter they produce.

* Koi can be hand fed and will soon recognise the person feeding them. Kio are very social and will interact with humans if you take the time to establish such a bond.

* Koi can be bred but you are advised to gain as much experience as you can with Koi before attempting to breed.

Obviously the Koi how to cannot be fully covered in just a few short sentences.

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Frank Rogers started keeping fish in his teens. Since those early days he has kept fish whenever it was possible to do so. While living in the tropics he tried his hand at keeping salt water fish and learnt from his mistakes. He now shares with you the challenge of keeping Koi – perhaps the fish that are the most fun to keep in either a pond or large tank. Pay a visit to https://www.koihowto.com and learn more about these amazing fish.

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