Usually people avoid breeding koi fish because it contains a lot of risks. However, successful breeding gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction to the fish keepers. So experienced fish keepers will go for it irrespective of the risks. I am offering here some advice on successful breeding of Koi fish –

First of all, you should be aware that your Koi should be of a particular age and size for getting ‘eligible’ for reproduction. Experts recommend that the fish should be at least 10 inches in its length and should be minimum three years old for successful breeding.

Well there are some indications you will notice on the Koi fish which will suggest that they are ready for the reproduction. For the male fish, you can find spots on their fins. That is a clear cut indication of a mature Koi. For the female fish, there is no such specific indication but you can find out whether they have grown bigger and round in shape. This is the sign to suggest that they have already started producing eggs. If you find a couple of fish showing these signs, you can go ahead with the breeding process.

For a successful breeding, you will need two separate tanks with ideal water conditions and nests for the eggs to stick. You should preferably be present when this breeding process takes place because the female fish may need your help.

The first step will be to put the eligible males and females into separate tanks at least for one month before their actual mating. Usually, during for full moon period you can bring them together in one tank which you have kept aside for breeding purpose. Koi will take around three days for spawning.

The actual spawning will not take a long time because the females will be full of eggs and the males will be very aggressive. At that time, you should observe them carefully to ensure that the males do not hurt the females to take eggs out of them. Sometimes they are very aggressive and violent and can harm the females seriously. If you find such situation, immediately rescue of the females. Many times the excited males bump on the eggs which are already fertilized. In that case, you should protect the eggs.

Once the process is completed, the male Koi may try to eat the small eggs. So you should immediately remove them from the tank. It will take about 3 to 4 days for the new young Koi to come out of the eggs. Then you will have to look after them. Care of the fry will be different than the big Koi. Their requirements for food and water conditions they need will be different. You should make a small research on the Internet to find such information. You can also consult your pet shop.

Remember, it is not necessary for Koi fish to reproduce. They can be healthy and happy even without such breeding. If you are enthusiastic about the whole process, then only you should go for it. Surprisingly, it is your choice and not the choice of Koi!

Chintamani Abhyankar is a goldfish enthusiast and has been raising and breeding goldfish for many years. He is an expert on their care and an advocate for raising healthy goldfish the natural way. His famous digital book [], “Secrets on Keeping Beautiful Goldfish”, offers simple, easy to follow instruction for raising healthy, long-living goldfish. Visit his website [] to learn more about expertly raising your goldfish and to receive your FREE copy of his special report, “Fish-Keeping Hobby Secrets Revealed”.

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