Recommend ArticleKoi fishes are very gregarious eaters and they eat a lot as compared to their size. It is very important therefore to have some knowledge in answering what do koi fish eat? One should have complete acquaintance about the diet of Koi fish so as to keep it healthy. Normally, all the fishes need balanced quantity of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Some fish foods also contain additional nutrients to retain the colors of Koi. These fishes are omnivorous by nature and their grinding teeth placed at the back help them in crushing any type of material easily. Kois are not piscivorous and thus they do not like to eat any other fish. They usually eat crustaceans, larvae, worms and such types of small creatures.

If someone is planning to bring Koi in their fish tank, they should always remember to put some algae plants. Koi fishes are very fond of algae plants and interestingly the algae plant is enriched with high amount of iron and proteins. The vegetable matters like algae plants are enriched with good quantity of iron and proteins which they like to eat. In short, one can say that Koi fishes can eat everything and anything they find. So, it is important to take special care of Koi fishes, if someone is bringing them to the homes.

If someone is planning to bring Koi fish into their fish tank, it is important to keep their diet balanced and they should have entire information about what do Koi eat?

One should select Koi food depending upon the size of the fish. If there are mixed sizes of fishes then it is advisable to bring mixed sized food, so that every fish can eat the food according to their size. Koi fishes remain independent in ponds or lakes and eat a lot of aquatic food available. It means that they consume high quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals vitamins and fats.

Several people choose commercial pellet foods for their Koi fishes and they are easily available in the market. Koi fishes are not very friendly but they can eat from your hand becoming friendly. Koi can also depend on dog pellets but it is always recommended to feed Koi fishes with fish pellets. Fish pellets are the best source for fishes as they contain good amount of proteins and other required components. Kois are natural feeders and they do not need anyone for feeding. It will definitely take some time to develop trust between the fish and you.

Apart from fish pellets, Koi fishes also love to have foodstuff like prawns, tadpoles and earthworms. They also love to eat some fresh things like watermelon, oranges, lemons and lettuce. One should opt for the good quality of Koi food for the better health of pet. However, nutritional Koi food is quite expensive but that is rich in high proteins and nutrients. There are several types of branded foods available especially for Koi fish but one should consider the right one. Online research can prove to be beneficial in order to solve the mystery of what do Koi eat? One can also purchase Koi food directly from online stores.

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