Summer is the most delightful time for your Koi pond. As the temperature is beautiful so you can enjoy the vibrant beauty of your pond but don’t stop caring your pond in any way. A few things should be considered to maintain the beauty of your pond during summer.

Proper Oxygen in High Temperature

In summer season, oxygen level decreases in the ponds especially in the years which have a constant high temperature throughout the year. You can witness at water surface gasping for breathe. You can fulfill their oxygen demand by inserting water pumps or fountains in it so that possible help can be done. If these measures cannot be done then daily change of pond water will also help in meeting the oxygen demands of fish.

Evaporation of Water

Higher temperature causes evaporation of water so new water should be added constantly in order to avoid water depletion from the pond. Remember to remove all chlorine from the newly added water.

Prevention from Insects and Parasites

Summer also brings many infectious agents like parasites and insects to the ponds. As they are not visible through naked eye so one have to administer the strange behavior of Koi. Sometimes spotting may occur on koi body and its fins may start to fall of. In these cases you must consult your local vet or store keeper.

Feeding Your Koi

Highly nutritious food should be given to Koi during summer season. Low protein food should be given three times a day and if fish require more than give it more food. Larger amounts of food will not be consumed wholly by your fish and it will be spoiled that will ultimate cause a disturbance in the water chemistry.Feed your Koi in cooler times of the day. Hand-feeding is also useful during summers as you can involve your children in it which will provide them amusement and fun.

Do you know that Koi has feeling and emotion just like human? Do you know that by understanding your beloved Koi fish just a little bit more can greatly improve their happiness and allow them to live in healthy environment?

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