There are many reasons why people fall for Koi and wish to keep them as pets. It’s not least because of their exceptional beauty, the joy that brings every viewer, but also for its sedative and calming effect that is known to reduce stress and reduce the high rate of a heart. In this article, as an initial Koi enthusiast, you will learn to choose to buy koi for you pond.

First, make sure you get as much information as possible about Koi fish from a renowned breeder or pet store owner. The staff must have knowledge about the fish and feel free to ask questions. For example, fish is the source of koi local or imported? Imported Japanese koi tend to be better quality. Check the conditions in which fish are kept – the water of the Koi pond, for example, must be clear and odorless, supplies are sold in your store must be of good quality.

Koi fish are often found in one large group of color patterns. Koi no two have the same color and brand. It is important to know the color of a young Koi change, as they mature.

Look for signs of healthy Koi. Koi fish are sociable creatures. It is normal to see them swimming and socializing with others. If a Koi hides in a corner, may not be as healthy.

Healthy Koi swim effectively and efficiently. No shaking movements, twitches or any unsmooth motion. They also move rhythmically in the water.

The fish has a thick body, gently tapered, well defined. Make sure you do not see any visible sign of damage or ulcers discolored spots to fish anywhere.

Cost-wise, the new Koi will be cheaper to buy than those of adults. Show Koi can cost thousands, but a new Koi at 3 .- 4. Inches (7.5 to 10 cm) long can cost between $ 5 $ 10 each.

As for how to keep Koi fish in a Koi carp pond, there is general agreement among experts about what this figure should be. The answer, in all probability is that everything depends on the effectiveness of its filtration system to remove waste products from fish, nitrates, ammonia and aeration is high in the pond. The best pond conditions are, however, to maintain a minimum of 1,000 gallons of water and be at least 4 feet deep with plenty of water to cover the fish.

Now, before you rush to buy the first Koi, it is important that you build your pond and a good filtration system and you are ready to assume the leadership of its first occupants.

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Originally posted 2016-11-21 18:27:45.