Koi Scene is inside of the koi with pleasure koi enthusiasts the word Doitsu in entrance of one type uses. But what means actually the word Doitsu in any way? And why is this word used in the Koi cultivation? The alternatives are actually located fast and are said easily to it without scientific definitions to used.

The Japanese word Doitsu signifies analogously translated German. After the last existing state of data or notes crossroads of the good Japanese colour carps have been undertaken with the German leather carps as well as the mirror carps on the Japanese carpeting for the starting of the nineteenth century.

The German leather carp is not sleek simply just and resulted by the intersection of the mirror carps. The descent of the mirror carp is of pure race against this to 100%. By these crossroads is 2 new scale variants arisen at the Koi.

A koi arose of the crossroads in the German leather carps with very little scale definitely for the side at the dorsal fin and dermis only coordinated with the coloring or else none further scale from this.

A coloring carp arose with the descendants with big sheds at the back again line and branch line from the crossroads with the mirror carps or else no only coloring dermis. Therefore the Japanese word Doitsu is used around the scales take after the German dish carps after the Koi variants to be able to distinguish you far better.

These Doitsu variants are for instance Doitsu Sanke, Doitsu Hariwake, Doitsu Kohaku, doitsu Showa, Kin Matsuba Doitsu, Doitsu Yamatonishiki, doitsu go Sanke, Doitsu Kawarimono, Doitsu Goshiki and Doitsu Shiro Utsuri available only some.

Far more supplies further to exceptions like Asagi, Shusui or Kumonryu and many like everywhere also of course. The great splendid Doitsu forms are at the koi the Japanese koi of very good recognition in Europe and in another country enthusiasts and the media quota cultivator rises through this every year.

The Japanese Koi cultivators can deal almost per Koi take as Doitsu on the trade. The coloring outfits are splendidly firm coloration patterns and or even with golden or precious metal shining sheds reflecting metallically strongly.

Doitsu choice is simply enormously gigantic and provides the Japanese this one demands koi new out this koi supply and new cultivation sorts this one koi to provide interested party cultivator just before at all times. The selection is by now typical with the cultivators at the breeds deformities young koi highly often can come there.

This one you with yours high quality traditional by lead. The assortment with the small fish is in entrance of taken according to excellent, colour and entire body form. Koi young becomes the variety as pleasantly as carried out and required possibly technical expertise about the parent animals this one over generations of the cultivation of class.

Carried out after approx. 2 to 3 weeks soon after the slip this one is in the first wide variety of the young fish tried malformed young fish from read and form by coloration and body style simultaneously. The coloring and body variety are growth in it stage not ripened yet.

At the time two to three months after the effective slip and after that your first selection can come through, the second selection step is carried out with the small fish. The three qualities color, physique style and malformed parts of the body are already trained in this growth era far better.

The cultivators be able this one definitely after unique specifics select for young fish such as in color collection pectoral fins or dorsal fins. The following selection is commenced after reaching the age of 4 months with the small fish. After that they are prepared most for the impatient potential buyers for the export. By these selections the Doitsu achieve a extremely high quality standard that one of users like him searches.

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