Each people are interested on doing something. Some people find solace when they are gardening while some find it when they’re spending money in boutiques. However, some people are just contented with taking care of pets as a hobby because it is somehow less expensive than shopping and more fun than gardening.

Taking care of fishes is one of the hobbies considered to be relaxing by some people especially the elderly ones. They find solace when they watch the fishes swim freely in the make-shift pond and/or artificial aquariums. Some of the fishes that are commonly found in the human household are the goldfish, angel fish, anemone fish, and clown fish among others. But one of the yet popular fishes being taken care of by people is the koi.

Some koi fish specialist ultimately suggests to people to take care of this fish because it is believed to be a bringer of good luck just like the silver arowana. Not because it is on the genes of the said fish but because koi breeding can be a lucrative business for people.

There are various species of the koi which can be easily distinguished due to their body pattern. Kois are considered to be very colourful fishes and adorns your house due to its vivid and lively scale patterns.

Though it is known in the English language as carp, the term koi is an acceptable term to name the fish because it is its true name. It is one of the longest-residing fish in the world. Plenty of reports and studies have been conducted proving that with proper nurture and care and along with its natural environment, the koi can really live for years.

But before you go into making it a business, let’s see what you will need to accomplish if ever you decided to construct a garden pond and take care of koi.

According to koi fish specialist, it is a must that the pond should be placed in a location where there are fewer trees surrounding it and plants placed not too far away from the water but not too close. This is one of the elements that a beginner should take care of. It is okay to put plants because it adds to the beautification of the entire garden.

The idea behind not placing plants close to the water is all because for the protection of the fish. The thing is there will be chemical substances to be sprayed unto the plants and it will be hazardous for the fish if those substances come in contact with the pond’s water. It will be better if you will just be placing floating plants like the water lilies. Aside from the fact that it serves as a hiding place for the koi, it definitely adds to the over-all attractiveness of the habitat.

If you are a beginner and you want to take care of this specific fish, you need to read some of the accumulated information coming from koi fish specialist on its proper care and habitat. One of the things that should be taken cared of even before buying the fish is the spot where you will be building the garden pond.

As mentioned, they needed to be in a location where there is enough sunlight. It will be much better if you will be hiring a good architect to construct the pond and a very good landscape artist to work out together. This is if you have any plans of breeding and/or taking care of many kois and/or if you decided to have a wonderful koi pond.

And since the location is the garden, another element that could affect to make your koi pond looking attractive is the plants to be put. It is correct that your garden will not be considered as a garden if it doesn’t have any trees or potted plants but you should be wary of placing the plants too close to the water where the fish will live in. This is where a landscape artist comes in and makes visualization on how everything will look while taking into consideration to pond to be constructed.

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