Having a koi pond in your yard is a wonderful addition to a lush landscape. Making sure your koi pond operates successfully depends on several variables. You must have a pond pump in great working condition and koi food for the fish. Understanding how to balance out the right amount of food with the right amount of fish in your koi pond will lead to a viable and healthy life for your pond.

It is crucial to have a well-working pond pump for your koi fish in the pond. Pond pumps are essential to keeping the pond healthy and prolonging the life of the koi. The heart of any koi pond is its pump. It is very important when buying a pump to understand the cost of ownership and the cost to run the pump over its lifespan. Choosing a pump with a higher wattage translates to higher electrical cost.

Aquascape, Atlantic Tide, and Pondmaster are just a few types of pond pump available to consumers. Aquasurge pumps are made for skimmer style filter applications and have a unique remote control with a 150 feet range. This allows the user to remotely turn the pump off and on while also controlling the speed of the pump. This is in comparison to Atlantic Tide pumps which are engineered for high volume applications and perform where most pumps cannot. Pondmaster pumps are best for running pond fountains and are most efficient for any outdoor pond. Koi ponds with waterfalls may also require a direct drive submersible pump that will be able to deliver the required volume of water at high head pressure.

There are many different kinds of food for your koi fish in the pond. Dainichi, Hikari, Inochi, and Saki-Hikari are all different types of food for koi you can purchase to keep you pond healthy. Dainichi food contains calcium montmorillonite clay which has more than 60 mineral compounds which have been proven to be helpful in enhancing digestion and growth. This food also neutralizes metabolic toxins. Since koi ponds are an artificial environment, this food returns minerals to the water while stabilizing its chemical make-up.

Hikari food is one of the most popular fish foods for koi as it is also considered the standard that other foods are measured by.

Inochi, another type of food for koi, is very similar to Danichi but production cycles to create the food are reduced to one step so that the food is more affordable.

Saki-Hikari is a food for koi that that is also used by all the All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion winners since 2003. This line of food contains a patented, living probiotic which is a strain of Bacillus bacteria which offers many incredible benefits for the koi.

Ensuring that you can provide a healthy environment for your koi can be successfully done by making the right koi pump purchase and feeding the koi the best food to polong their life.

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