If you are thinking of starting an aquarium, then a few basic facts are essential. Deciding whether you want to have a saltwater or freshwater aquarium is the first step. Because of the many different types of freshwater aquarium fish, this tends to be the most popular choice as a starting point for this wonderful hobby.

There are two types of freshwater aquarium fish from which to choose, coldwater and tropical. Because the coldwater aquarium needs less in the way of equipment, heaters for example, they are a common starting point.

Some of the more popular types of freshwater aquarium fish for coldwater tanks are goldfish, koi and some of the tetra fish species.

But of the types of freshwater aquarium fish, the most sought after by far are tropical fish. These colorful and beautiful fish need a heated aquarium to survive and therefore cost a little more to maintain, but the sheer beauty of some of them make the expense worthwhile.

If these are the types of freshwater aquarium fish you decide to keep, then the choices you make can make this a cheap and satisfying hobby or a very expensive one indeed!

When you’re first setting up your freshwater aquarium it’s a good idea to buy young and healthy fish to start off with. If you choose to add more mature fish as you become more established, that’s fine as long as your aquarium has had time to stabilize.

Selecting the proper species of fish is essential to the success of your aquarium. The types of freshwater aquarium fish for the tropical tank should be hardy and able to withstand variations and fluctuations of ammonia and nitrite as your aquarium becomes established.

Without proper guidance of an expert to guide you in which types of freshwater aquarium fish to introduce into your tank initially, your beautiful new acquisitions could very soon become ill and die.

Some recommendations for the types of freshwater aquarium fish to start off your tropical tank with include Tetras, Danios, Barbs or Cichlids.

When choosing tetra fish for starting up your aquarium, choose those with round; large bodies over the thin, torpedo shaped ones such as neon tetras as these tend to be hardier.

Danios are an excellent type of freshwater aquarium fish. They include zebra danios, leopard danios and giant danios.

Barbs are a good choice of tropical fish for the beginner although you have to be careful about the fish you put them in with as they can a bit temperamental and nip the slower moving fish.

Cichlids are a very large and diverse group of tropical fish and African cichlids are an excellent choice for starting a new aquarium, but should not be kept with other fish, as they can be aggressive.

As there are countless types of freshwater aquarium fish from which to choose each with their own behavior patterns, it is always a good idea to take the advice of a professional before making your choices.

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