Hello! My name is Brad Kooper and I have been an avid keeper of Koi for nearly 30 years now. Aswell as keeping Koi I now like to share my knowledge and help others to care for Koi.

You may already know that Koi first came from central Europe and South East Asia. These days you can find Koi in every country you go to due to their popularity.

The reason we now have them as pets and that they are so colouful is because the Japanese started to breed them when they found that a few carp had some strangely bright colours.

It’s wonderful to know that in Japan they see Koi as representatives of love and affection. The meaning of Koi in Japan is carp, this is why we call them Koi carp.

I am sure you already know that there are many many different colours of Koi and varieties. However the colours most prominent in Koi are cream, blue, red and yellow.

When it comes to breeding Koi to get the best colours expert breeders will take the best coloured fish and breed them together however for every batch of Koi there are often hundreds of Koi that are not considered good enough and are destroyed.

Koi can be found in the wild in almost every country on almost every continent except Antarcitca. This however is a bad thing for some countries because Koi will stir up layers in ponds that will make it poisonous for wild stock to drink.

In lots of countries people are trying to get rid of the Koi from their ponds to stop the problems the Koi are making but this is proving very hard to do because of the Kois ability to survive.

I’m sure that you can already imagine that wild Koi carp are very easy for animals such as cats and foxes to catch and eat because of their bright colours.

If you have these sorts of animals near where you live then it may be a good idea to cover your pond with a net to stop them being attacked.

The main reason we love Koi apart from their beautiful colours is that they are extremely soothing to watch and can often be very responsive when they know food is around which is very fun to watch them get excited.

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