Koi owners find it fun and popular to give their pets some treats. It’s truly delightful to see your fish responding to the food that you give them, and you can do this with your kids (and grandkids). Although feeding your pets is considered as a great bonding experience with them, some necessary precautions should always be taken.

Keep in mind that your fish will eat anything they get, whether it’s good for them or not, so this makes it important for you as the owner to control their snack diet. Overfeeding is another issue that must be avoided, as they don’t know just when to stop feeding, which may cause weight issues (especially with those non-nutritional ones) for them if not monitored.

Any owner would think that their pets deserve treats, so there are many kinds of food that you can give your fish that contain nutritional value, and those that are guaranteed not to harm them in any way.

Natural Treats: The best treat for your fish are those that can be found naturally in the pond, and these are bloodworms, earthworms and tadpoles. You can look around your pond to find them, and once you locate them, you can always dig up these treats from the ground around the pond, or you can also buy similar products at your local pet store.

Lettuce: This treat is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, making it very healthy for your pets. No need to tear it into small bits, as they will enjoy doing it themselves!

Prawns: These are edible crustaceans which are quite similar to shrimp, only larger. These are great for your fish as these are rich in protein. You can purchase prawns in department stores, local pet stores, and also feed stores. Prawns are sold as regular and frozen (if frozen, be sure to melt them down before feeding it to them). These are good in promoting hand feeding.

Bread: Wheat bread is one of the cheapest treats available. What you do is take a piece of it, break it up, and roll it into small balls, and then throw it into the pond. Avoid all types of those white bread, which contain small amounts of bleach and other chemicals that can be very harmful to your pets.

Fruit: Your fish eat a wide variety of fruit. When feeding, break the fruit up into smaller pieces. Keep in mind that most fruits contain a high amount of natural sugar which can be harmful to them if given in large amounts, so make sure to feed them with fruits only on special occasions.

When feeding them with foods like corn, beans and grapes, be very careful with it, as these contain outer casing which can’t be properly digested if swallowed by your fish. Completely remove the outer casings before giving it to them. It is very important not to overfeed your Koi, no matter what kind of food treats you give them. Giving them too many treats can interfere with their diet, and can cause more harm than good.

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Photo by Ari Helminen

Originally posted 2017-06-30 06:04:47.