If you like to have a healthy pet Koi, this means that you have to feed them with the right fish food that will keep them in good shape. For this, it should be good for you to know the nature of your pets when it comes to their diet.

Generally, Koi are omnivorous fish, which means that they eat both plants and meat alike. They are known to have sharp appetites when the water temperature falls on 61 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The summertime is when they are most active in their appetites, this is why they should be fed with food that will give them a good quality diet (those nutritious food).

They eat almost anything that comes in their way, ranging from insects, worms, snails, to the foliage of underwater plants (which could sometimes give their owners quite a bit of a headache!). Some of them would also feast on those acorn and grasses which they manage to eat by pulling themselves part of the way out of the water!

Wintertime, however, is when their digestive system slows down, almost to a stop. Now, this is the time when there’s no need for you to feed them. Why? It’s because they may take the liberty of nibbling on the algae that can be found at the bottom of the pond (or any available natural food there is). But there’s one thing that you must always remember: once the temperature will fall to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, any food that will be left and stored in their stomach will become bad, that it may cause them to fall ill.

So, what are the good and healthy treats that you can give to your pets? You must always keep in mind that they need to have the right and proper combination of fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. To get these, you can feed them with pellet foods, which can be made to float on the top of the water so that they’ll come out of the water’s surface to snatch it.

In addition to this, you can also feed them with special treats like watermelons, peas and lettuce. Be careful though in feeding them with food such as corn, beans and grapes, as they contain an outer casing, which can’t be properly digested if swallowed by your pet. So make sure that you remove the outer casings before feeding them with it.

Other food include prawns (edible crustaceans which has similarities to shrimp, only that they are bigger), bread (which can be broken down, rolled into small balls and thrown into the pond), lettuce (high in essential vitamins and minerals) and fruits (but should only be fed occasionally, as most of them have high amounts of natural sugar).

So as their owner, you should make sure that your fish are in good health and also free from injuries. And since they have great appetites, you need not put a lot of stress into how and how much they’re being fed. Feeding your Koi with food is when you can take the pleasure of your pet’s willingness to interact with you (and you can also feed them using your hand as well!). Remember also that a healthy diet can give your pets vivid colors, making them even more attractive to you and their other spectators!

In order to have healthy Koi, what a pond owner needs are the best fish food there are for his pets. This will help him keep his fish in their best condition.

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Photo by Kristin “Shoe” Shoemaker

Originally posted 2017-06-18 08:02:59.