One of the two important areas of koi fish keeping is water and food. Koi fish food is a main factor in this regard. There are many koi fish food manufactures around the world. They use many terms to describe their respective products for marketing purposes.

Fish in the tanks and ponds will not have any other food resource than that which we give them. That is why the feeding process is so important. If the feeder does not take proper care of his/her koi fish food, it will affect the health of the fish. It is very important to have a balanced diet for the koi fish.

Balanced diet should contain all the required nutrition for the fish. Each of the diet’s components will contribute to the proper growth of the fish. The diet can consist of a blend of artificial and natural food, as long as it provides the appropriate amount of nutrition.

Koi food should have protein in it. Protein helps with growth. Protein will also ensure the re-growth of damaged tissues. Proteins are developed by amino acids contained in the food. Food products like fishmeal, poultry meal, and wheat germ will contain required amino acids for the production of protein. Generally, the protein requirement of the fish will decrease with the growth of the fish. The higher the temperature of the water, the more protein is necessary in the koi diet.

Carbohydrates, which originate from starch, are another important component in the fish food. Carbohydrates also contain fiber. Fiber will help the movement of koi fish food through the gut by stimulating the digestive process. Natural plant food will provide most of the necessary fiber content. Many artificial foods are made with less fiber in order to eliminate fish waste. Thus you must be careful not to overuse the artificial stuff, for it will shorten the lifespan of your fish.

Vitamins are an almost equal component in the koi fish food. There are many types of vitamins. The quantity required is very small, however, extremely important. Minerals also play a crucial part in metabolic functions, as well as tissue and bone growth. Although the minerals can be absorbed from the water, it is advisable to add some minerals to the koi food.

Koi fish get its energy from the lipids in the food. Fats in the food will contain these lipids. The bottom line is that food is a very important factor in the koi fish life as it is with all living organisms. Koi food becomes highly critical since the fish do not eat unless we feed them. It is better to use natural foods as much as possible. Seafood is another good option to use as koi fish food.

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