In taking care of Koi Fishes, a lot of considerations must be remembered and koi feeding is just one of them. Koi fishes are widely domesticated nowadays because of their beauty. They were bred from the Carp family thus, the similarity in appearance. Growing them can be tedious because proper maintenance should be done to prevent sickness.

Koi fishes can eat both plant and meat. They can eat the algae in the bottom of their ponds or aquarium. They can also take in food pellets made ready and specific for Koi fishes. These are considered complete food for the fishes.

The food pellets sold in pet shops have essential vitamins and minerals in them. These are important for keeping Koi fishes healthy. It also gives them a strong immune system so they will not get sick easily. Fish owners must choose the right size of pellets too. Small fishes can easily gobble up small pellets and large ones need larger pellets.

Aside from proper food, one should study the sufficient temperature that Koi fishes can take. They easily get sensitive to temperature fluctuations. During cold season, their metabolism drops so they must be fed slowly. Fishes have tendencies to overfeed because of they do not have “common sense” like us. Even if they have low appetite in winters, they will eat all the given food.

It is not good to give protein food to these fishes in cold weathers. Their metabolism usually drops and it will slow down the digestion of food. Proteins are not easy to absorb and it can go rancid when not properly digested. These will make the Koi fishes go sick and they can die from it. It is best to give protein food when the fishes have higher metabolism rate.

Giving clean food to the fishes is also a very important consideration. Bacterial contamination in food are capable of making the fishes sick. Most fish deaths are accounted from the bacteria gathered from fish food. Fish food should have clean containers that are kept safe from dirty environment.

All the factors above are essential to ensure for proper Koi feeding. Missing an essential step in proper Koi feeding will result to poor growth. Investing in breeding Koi fishes is very expensive so one must ensure the fishes’ health. Their safety must also be ensured so they can live long and breed well.

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