Like goldfish, Koi belongs to the carp family; something readily apparent by the barbules around their mouths that are one of the describing features of the family. In fact, Koi fish is the Japanese word for fish. Koi are long lived fish, surviving for a very long time with appropriate care. They are favored for their colors, that are of wide-ranging design. If you’re looking to breed Koi, remind yourself that there is no assurance that the fry will come out as gorgeous as their parents. Black and white or gold and white are the most standard colors for the koi fish.

There are some people who wanted to keep Koi but are not yet really sure if an aquarium would be a the correct environment for their koi fish. You can keep Koi in a fish tank, but there are many important things to consider if you’re trying to do this. Koi can grow to be as huge as three feet long; and if your Koi do not have adequate room, it will die. However, you may be able to start your Koi in an aquarium and and then transfer to a pond when your koi fish grows.

For a foot long Koi fish, you’ll need to get a fish tank which contains 10 gallons at the very minimum. You’ll also need a acceptable water filtration system for your tank – get a high quality filter from the very beginning so you will not need to upgrade your filtration system later on. You also need to be reminded that Koi fish are big eaters and so they will produce more waste. You would also have to have increasingly powerful filtration as your koi fish grows to maintain the cleanliness and keep your Koi from infections. There is one advantage to keeping a Koi fish indoors where they are protected from the predators which may threaten them in an outdoor pond.

However, do not put other kind of fish in the same tanks as your koi fish, unless you intend for your Koi fish to eat them. You’ll likely have to be a regular at your local bait shop to get minnows to give your Koi Fish as treats. You can buy Koi food at the pet store but my Koi fish really seem to prefer dry dog food! You might want to check out the prices and nutritional value of Koi fish food versus a excellent quality dog food and try it for yourself. One great thing about feeding your Koi is that they are very intelligent fish which can learn to recognize you and will come to you when they see you at feeding time.

Koi fish are native to the relatively cold waters of northeastern Asia, but they will not thrive in very cold water. You would do well to use a heating device to keep your fish protected from cold winter temperatures.

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