One of the many ways you can enjoy your koi pond is to hand-feed your koi fish. Once you train your fish to eat from your hand, they will do so whenever you want to feed them that way. Hand-feeding a koi is popular among koi fish enthusiasts. Your visitors will be amazed at the way your koi respond to you at feeding time. Here are some tips that will help you learn how to hand-feed your pond fish.

The most important thing to remember when you are getting ready to train your koi to eat from your hand is that you need to earn their trust. Without it, they will not freely eat from your hand. Give your fish time to warm up to you. It may take several days to several weeks. Do not make any sudden or jerky movements when dealing with your fish at the pond.

1. Make sure you feed your koi fish in the same place every time.

2. First, feed your fish in the regular way, but stay close by. Make sure they have a clear view of you while they eat. The lead, or bravest, fish will swim up to get the food. The others may follow. Do not leave until the food is gone or the meal is over. Once the fish are eating comfortably in front of you, you can move on to the next step.

3. Next, you will scatter the food into the pond and place your hand in the water while the fish eat. It may take them a while to adjust to this. Be patient. Do not swirl your hand in the water. Do your best to be still.

4. Once this goes off without a hitch, you can place your hand in the water and slowly release the pellets into the water. The fish will begin to realize that the food is coming from your hand. Once the food is released, keep your hand in the water.

5. Your koi fish will let you know when they are ready to eat from your hand at this point. They will begin to nudge your hand to see if there is more food. They are ready! Enjoy your success.

Once you know how to hand-feed koi fish, you will have a a whole new way to enjoy your hobby and impress your family. Your fish now trust you and may even follow you around the pond hoping for a meal.

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