English: koi pond under construction

English: koi pond under construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you keep Koi, you probably already know that it is extremely important to have good quality Koi pond filters in your pond.

It is important to know that there are many valid reasons that your Koi need Koi pond filters, so that is why I am going to list the most important points.

Firstly it helps to clear the waste and droppings from the pond, this is very important because when Koi swim around they often cause the waste to rise from the pond floor which can cause health problems.

The reason that this causes health problems and that we want to get rid of the waste is that they can’t get away from it whereas in the wild Koi can swim to where the water is cleaner.

The second obvious reason is that it will keep the water looking clearer and your pond will look nicer.

We all want a nice clean beautiful pond and its not going to look very nice if the water is all muggy and all the fish are dieing. Koi pond filters will help to keep the water clear and clean so you can see your fish more and admire their beauty.

The next reason which is probably the most important is that having good Koi filters will help to prevent Koi disease. Having dirty water will cause your Koi to get all sorts of deadly diseases or parasites which can wipe out a whole pond in days.

The Koi filters I use and the ones I recommend are the machine suction filters. These filters gently suck up all of the waste and particles from your pond and safely store it in a compartment for you to clear out at a later date.

Now you may be wondering how much Koi filters cost.

From my research on average you are likely to pay around $ 200 for a new Koi filter.

From the online research I have done you can get some good deals if you buy online but I bought mine at a local pet shop.

So to conclude this article I have now told you how important Koi pond filters are for the survival of your Koi hopefully you found this information helpful.

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Originally posted 2016-11-18 19:02:04.