Hi, my name is Brad and right now I am going to be talking about breeding Koi. Breeding Koi can be a fantastic adventure and you will get to see your Koi grow up all the way from when they were eggs.

It is important to know that if you want to succeed with breeding koi then the best time for breeding is between April to August.

I have been keeping Koi and mating Koi for over 25 years and I have found that this time of the year is the best for mating Koi.

The first thing is to choose the Koi that you want to breed for your breeding Koi venture. Choose the Koi whose colours and characteristics you like the best.

So you have chosen your favourite colour Koi but firstly you need to make sure it is ok to breed. A sexually mature Koi should be around nine to eleven inches long.

So after you have chosen the koi you want to mate and checked they are sexually mature the next step is to take them out of the main pond and put them in a seperate pond away from the other Koi.

The new pond or tank that you are putting your breeding Koi in needs a couple of things for everything to go well.

Now the first thing you your Koi are going to need is somewhere in the pond to lay their eggs. Something like pond grass will do well.

In the past a great way I made a place for them to lay their eggs was to tie a piece of rope to the side of the pond and the Koi laid their eggs on the rope.

After the eggs have hatched the fry will need a safe place to hide for a while so make sure there are some hiding places in the pond for them to feel safe.

After your fry have hatched you should not feed them for the first 3 days. After the first 3 days make sure they have plenty of food. You will know that your Koi are ready to be fed because they will surface from their secure place and gather near the water surface.

It is important to know that when breeding Koi you need to make sure the breeding pond has a constant supply of fresh oxygen, this is because newly born Koi cant breathe and rely on the oxygen in the water to keep them alive.

A water feature or a pump will do the trick.

So remember these tips and information and you should do well breeding Koi from now on.

Wait! Before you get going with breeding koi slow down & read this breeding koi info now!

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