The pond  color you select for your brand new pond can give neighbors and visitors an insight into your character along with your preferences.

Competition blue is one of the most popular pond armor paints. As a color, blue symbolizes intelligence. This color can actually produce calming compounds in the brain.

Maybe this is the reason beach goers feel so relaxed while they are sitting and looking out at the sparkling blue Caribbean. Contrary to the popular belief that only men like blue, women like blue also.

Because blue is the color of the sky and a great deal of earth’s water echoes this color, lots of people select blue for the color of their ponds and swimming pools. Blue color also appears magnificent and unveils the beauty of the tiles and style of the pond. Numerous koi enthusiasts choose the competition blue pondarmor color for their ponds. While koi can be found in several colors, it is rare to see one with this exact hue in its make-up. Hence koi looks even more attractive in a pond with this color.

In case you have a water feature made from natural stone, a tan pondarmor will help the feature match the landscape. This color is a light variant of brown. This colors seems natural and neutral. Tan wouldn’t suit a water feature made from concrete or gray stone; gray would be more suitable here. This color lies halfway between white and black. At times, it looks like silver. In many of the cultures gray or silver hair are considered a sign of wiseness. Gray pondarmor seems amazing and matches all the colors around lending a balancing effect and bringing all elements together.

Forest green is yet another attractive option. In case your pond or water feature is set amidst the trees and foliage, this pond armor will make it fit properly in. Green implies tranquility and calmness. There is also the pure white armor paint, which always appears heavenly. In the hot sun it will help everything around it appear cool and collected. Black is yet another option, though not a true color, but it looks amazing. Years ago it was the only color available in liners.

You don’t want any of these?

There is nothing etched in concrete that says you need to purchase one of the standard pondarmor colors. Use your imagination and make a color that you would like. Custom colors take a minimum of fourteen days to produce and there are minimum quantities for the ordering process.

Red is certainly the “IT” color nowadays. You now see red sofas, red upholstery on dining room chairs, and red accent walls in just about all the rooms in the home. So what do you think about a red pond? While red stirs the emotions, there are no reports of koi going crazy swimming in a red pond. Think of how your white and gold koi would look swimming in a red pond. Nothing says rich like gold and white on a red background. Nobody would forget your pond after seeing it once.

The advantage of utilizing an armor paint is that it can be conveniently changed by some other paint. So if you sell your property in the future, the new owner would be able to easily change the paint based on his preference.

The author is an experienced gardener and has been working with ponds and spray on liners for several years.

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