Building ponds is very popular thing to do these days. People are choosing to build a pond to enhance their garden landscape. There are landscape companies that specialize in building ponds, however many are opting to build their own ponds.

Building Ponds – Considerations

Deciding which type of water feature that would be best for your circumstances is a decision that takes time and preparation. Building ponds takes imagination and practical consideration. Which size pond to build is also important and depends on the garden landscape and it’s total area. when building ponds it is beneficial to spend some time researching your options.

There are many books available at the local library on building ponds, you could also contact local landscaping companies to enquire if they have any ponds to view within their showroom. if the pond is going to contain fish or any other aquatic life ask the landscapers if a deep or shallow pond is best to be built. Colder climates require deeper ponds to be built to protect your fish in winter.

If it will be a pond with lots of plants, make sure the location will work for those plants. Are they the type of plant that needs lots of sun? Or maybe only partial sun is needed. All of these initial plans need to be looked into when building ponds.

There are many items to consider before the construction of a pond can begin. Take the time to do a complete investigation into building ponds before construction starts. If hiring a water garden landscape company verify they have experience building ponds. Check on their references and find out if quality pond building work was performed.

When building ponds deciding where a pond should be located, is of great importance.. Don’t place a pond where run-off from rain will flow into the built pond. This can carry dirt, fertilizer and other toxins into the pond. If there is aquatic life, or plants, water run-off can damage the ponds environment and kill the fish and plants.

Another consideration is that if trees are nearby leaves will be falling into the pond, causing some similar problems to run-off rainwater. Pond skimmers can be used if location near trees cannot be avoided. Building ponds in the best location helps to maintain a healthy balance for the pond-life. This helps your water feature continue to be an attractive part of your garden.

Building ponds can be a fun and fascinating journey. Do the proper research and create a beautiful pond that will last for years.Building ponds has been a life long pleasure for this author. If you require assistance in building ponds please do not hesitate to ask !

David ‘Goldie’ Edwards is managing director of a Water Features [] company based in the UK. His Stone Water Features [] webpage gives clients the opportunity to further enhance their Garden Landscape []

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