The first and the most important step to breed Koi fish is to get a tank in which they can spawn. It is not a good idea to allow the spawning process to take place in the Koi pond itself because the pond may not be very clean. The size of the spawning tank depends on how many fish the owner plans to put in. For beginners, a smaller population of say three to four fish is advisable.

This spawning tank must have clean water and should be nice and warm so that the environment is conducive for the eggs. A good filtration system is very important. Other very important additions to the tank are plants with spikes or bristles so that when the eggs fall they can stick to these plants so that it is easy for the eggs to hatch into babies.

The best time to breed Koi is when the adult Koi is experiencing what is called as the spawning condition. The best time for this to happen is anywhere between April and July. Also, the age of the fish that are about to breed is important. The males should be about two years old and as for the females they mature at the age of three. Koi fish that are very young or very aged will give birth to an inferior quality of Koi.

Once the spawning process takes place it is imperative that the adult Koi are moved to another tank or back into the pond. This is done because Koi fish are known to feed on their young. So if you leave the spawning tank unattended for too long, not only will you miss the spawning process but the eggs will be consumed by the adult Koi before they can even hatch.

Once the eggs have been separated they will hatch within the week.. The time the eggs take to hatch depend on the temperature in the pond. If the temperature is nice and warm it is more conducive and the eggs can hatch in four days flat. It is possible that some eggs won’t hatch at all while others may hatch but the baby Koi won’t survive. This won’t be a problem because the adult Koi produces thousands of eggs. Newly hatched babies will not need to be fed for at least two days, after which they must be fed at regular short intervals. For the next four weeks baby Koi should be fed liquids that are high in proteins and would even like packaged fry food.

It is very important that the spawning tank be clean at all times because small particles or floating debris can get caught in the baby Koi’s gills and lead to choking and may result in death. Once the baby Koi has reached a length of at least three inches, they can be put together with their parents. Adult Koi are very happy to be around their babies and will be extremely friendly and welcoming toward them. Care should be taken that the food put in the pond should be small enough for the smallest fish to feed on otherwise your fish may die without food.

Koi fish are sturdy creatures by nature and very beautiful to watch. They can withstand a lot more than most other varieties of fish but have to be raised very carefully. A good filtration system, right sized food and the right temperature is all it really takes to allow for baby Koi to mature into magnificent Koi fish. If they are fed well and cared for, they will live for many years.

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